So glad we've cleared up this misunderstanding

Dateline: Wed 24 Jan 2007

Clever Taking Down Words has an entry today -- the Star is hiring!

Check it out, straight from the one and only Jen Wagner:

Yep, got to fill that new position in Fishers. God forbid that the soccer games not get their just coverage.

At the same time, Wagner of TDW notes:

"The only good internal news to come out of the Star in the past few weeks is that the paper is moving uber-right-wingers Tim Swarens and Jane Lichtenberg off the editorial desk and into some sort of special projects role, which sounds like code for Something They Can't Hurt. Perhaps this means the editorial board will be a little more balanced going forward."

Actually, the Star's star RiShawn Biddle kindly corrected my reporting on this matter today with the following e-mail:

"By the way Ruth, Tim and Jane haven't been moved to any 'reader research'

anything. They're launching the community conversations section of the

paper, which is a public comment regime that Gannett Co. has mandated to

be created as part of the companywide efforts to boost public comment."

So now you know. The Star cares about what you think; the Star wants to boost public comment and is taking two of its longtime editorial writers out of the heat of opinion-making to promote this concept. And yes, both Swarens and Lichtenberg are very conservative.

Sounds like a plot, I mean a plan, to me. Comment away.


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