Free obits over at indyrats

Dateline: Wed 24 Jan 2007

They're giving obits away at The, ahem, "other side," charges huge fees to grieving families.

The idea came out of the death last week of a well-known Northside woman, a Catholic, an attorney, a mother, a friend to many, a spark of life in this community. Someone at Illinois Street Emporium mentioned to me that she had died -- had I heard? I had not. Since I was clutching my morning copy of the Star, I looked for the obit there. It eventually appeared, but was nothing more than her name, age and information about the services -- the bare facts, which the Star still prints for free. If you want any embellishments -- survivors, work, faith -- you have to pay the big bucks. Even with the employee "discount," I paid more than $250 for my mother-in-law's obit three years ago.

Anyhow, Gannett cares about making money, not the community. So from here on out, why don't you simply let the Star print the basic death notice, and send the stories of your loved one's lives to indyrats? Or the Recorder? Or IBJ? How about NUVO? Somebody, please, save the bereft a bundle and do the right thing. Gannett won't.



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