This blog has been lame

Dateline: Sun 21 Jan 2007

of late. Blame Ezra Holladay, 6 months of age, and a petri dish of swampy, snotty germs. After spending a couple of days with the sniveling babe in arms, I find myself fighting off yet another cold.

So it goes. Ezra manages to avoid naps in my company, squeezing his eyes tight and blinking so he does not allow them to close in blessed sleep, fighting off the nods as well as serious infection. The baby has all the power. Baby, 1, Grandma, 0.

Let's hope the Colts are on the baby's wavelength. I am avoiding the troubles with the chicken, which is all over the rest of the blogs. My only hope today is for a Colts victory. One of these days, I'll get back in web space. For now, peace to all. Even the baby. Especially the baby.


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