More misery at the Star

Dateline: Sun 21 Jan 2007

OK, that's not exactly breaking news; it's an ongoing process.

But the word wafting out of 307 N. Penn -- that dungeon of human discontent and disappointment, where the abandonment of journalism principles is daily practice -- is that Tim Swarens and Jane Licthtenberg are beiing moved out of the Star's editorial section. Jim Herman, a longtime Gannetteer, will take over their duties.

Tim and Jane are both respected journalists, and maybe the change is not all bad news for them. But one thing is certain -- the Star is continuing its "cut and gut" policies for which Gannett is known. The features department is undergoing that process, as longtime editors are bounced in favor of newbies and what will eventually be a trimmed-back section in the "tradition" of INtake. Basically the Sunday living and arts/entertainment sections will roll into one.

Meanwhile, NUVO unveiled its new and improved paper this past week. The design was clean and the tone seemed less strident and harpy, with the exception of David Hoppe's typical defensive love letter to the mayor. Still, NUVO can only go up, and I wish them well. The most interesting read was the lead story by former Star reporter Michael Dabney, whose piece on crime and politics carried some revealing sidebar stats. According to NUVO, Indy ranks behind major cities and even smaller cities (Columbus, Ohio) in per capita police expenditure; likewise we have fewer officers than Baltimore, Detroit, San Francisco and Columbus, Ohio.

So, continue to look for changes in daily and weekly media.


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