Mitch Harper, Joe Gelarden and Brett Kimberlin

Dateline: Sun 07 Jan 2007

Mitch Harper of Fort Wayne Observed has taken note of Time magazine's story about Brett Kimberlin -- the former Speedway Bomber is now a featured player in Time, on the subject of electronic voting.

Here is what Harper says, lifted from his blog, Fort Wayne Observed, see link:

"TIME Magazine devotes several pages in this week's issue to Brett Kimberlin and his blogging effort to raise alarms about electronic voting.

"The TIME story goes on to detail that Mr. Kimberlin is at the same time, somewhat influential in this efforts but also someone who is often wrong on his facts and something of a kook. They signal this in the title of the story, "The Wizard of Odd"

(See link):,9171,1574161,00.html

Harper continues: "TIME is giving space to a man who served time after conviction in federal court in Indianapolis for a bombing in Speedway, Indiana, that horribly maimed a man.

"Mr. Kimberlin's earlier notoriety came during the 1988 presidential campaign when, while incarcerated in the federal pen for the bombing conviction, he claimed to have sold marijuana to Dan Quayle while Mr. Quayle was in law school.

"The fevered 'reporting' at the time by the national press corps over this revelation was, to state it mildly, over the top. The well respected Joe Gelarden of the Indianapolis Star, who covered state and local politics before covering the federal court beat, was disgusted with the coverage. Mr. Gelarden, who was not known as a conservative defender, wrote at the time that giving credibility to someone as despicable an actor as Brett Kimberlin lowered public regard for the national press."

Wow. Totally weird. If nothing else, I can say -- the Internet is not perfect, obviously, since trolls like Kimberlin are riding the waves. But then the counterbalance is Mitch Harper, who sets the record straight, while recalling for posterity Gelarden's great reporting on this story. Talk about a no bullshit approach.

On a personal note: when I first moved to Indy, from Bloomington, Evansville and southern Indiana in general, vegetarian cuisine was all the rage in the Big City of Indy. I often ate at Kimbelin's Good Earth restaurant. I am happy to note that the Good Earth has survived, as an organic food store if not restaurant -- as have Gelarden, Harper, myself and obviously Kimberlin.




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