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Dateline: Fri 05 Jan 2007

Fred McCarthy is one of those tireless watchdogs of local government who just keeps hammering away at the powers that be. His blog, indytaxdollars, is a chronicle of dissatisfaction with the sleight of hand tactics so often employed by politicians:

In his Jan. 2 post, he notes:

"One reads the local daily paper and there are so many things deserving comment that it begins to feel like the man who starved to death standing between two tables of food so beautiful he couldn't decide where to start.

"Sunday's paper," he continues, "carried a quote from a gentleman identified as director of management services for Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. referring to potential parking problems stemming from the combination of Colts football and downtown New Year's celebrants. He says, "Even if every Colt fan drove his own car, there would be enough parking."

"If this is really the case," McCarthy dares to ask, "why were the stadium people trying to run out of business a half-century old, prosperous company with more than 50 employees in order to provide a handful more parking spaces as a part of their billion dollar gift to Mr. Irsay?

"Perhaps someone should tell these folks it is easier to keep their stories straight if they tell the truth to begin with."

His reference is to the N.K. Hurst Bean Co., which would have been kicked to the curb if its owners hadn't defended their right to stay in business in their current Center Township location. McCarthy's point is well-taken: politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths, and , if not for those who insist on keeping a record, we'd have nothing but double-talk.



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