Dude, are you calling me from India????

Dateline: Mon 26 Feb 2007

My friend and fellow blogger Joh Padgett of the Eastside of Indy reports this recent little incident between those wonderful folks out Gannett way and himself. And in the interest of full disclosure: I do subscribe to the Star, so maybe I'm immune. But that's another story.

Here's Joh on all things Gannettish at his end of the block:

"I just had a funny incident I knew you would get a kick out of so I thought I would email you and share it with you. As you know, they've moved the telemarketing office to Louisville for several Gannett newspapers recently.

"For some reason, despite numerous requests to be removed from their

database, I get 3 or 4 calls a week as a former subscriber they are trying

to entice back. After getting two calls this morning which I ignored (thank you Caller ID inventor), I decided to go ahead and answer the call I just received so I could, again, ask to be removed from the database.

"I answered the phone and the conversation went like this:

"Me: "Hello"

Telemarketer: "Good afternoon, I'm with the Lafayette Courier-Jou...I mean the Indianapolis Star, how are you doing today?"

Me: "Did you say Lafayette Courier-Journal?"

Telemarketer: "No maam, I said Indianapolis Star"

Me: "MAAM? I'm sorry dude, I'm a Sir"

Telemarketer: "Oh I'm very sorry about that sir, I'm calling to see if you would be interested in getting the newspaper"

Me: "Which one, the Lafayette Courier-Journal or the Indianapolis Star?"

Telemarketer: "The Indianapolis Star, sir"

Me: "What do you think with how this conversation went?"

"Telemarketer: "Thanks for your time, sir"

And thank you for no sale.


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