Pea shakes and Indy

Dateline: Mon 12 Feb 2007

All the defenders of pea shakes, from the high to the low, better get a clue: this is dumb and dated illegal gambling that can lead to the breakdown of the fabric of the community: drugs, drunks, loitering. It encouraged irresponsible behavior. Make it legal, if it's so wonderful and important -- put a pea shake house right next to the Conrad Hotel or build a pea shake plaza where Market Square Arena used to be.

But quit deluding yourselves that this is a harmless activity that takes place all over big and medium-sized cities.

Abdul and indyundercover have owned this story; Gary Welch of Advance Indiana has -- appropriately -- advanced it. Finally the Star weighed in, no thanks to the editors but with gratitude to fine reporter Vic Ryckeart and others.

So if pea shake a problem for Indy? Try googling the word; the references are straight out of river city, right here, where we got trouble and that starts with P.

I hope the feds are investigating the possible connection between organized crime and pea shake. Indy deserves to grow up, not have this tired old bingo/pea shake image hanging over its head. Let's move on.

On that same note: great letter to the editor in the Star today from a woman who lives in the Riverside area, near the Roache address where Sen. Glenn Howard, a Dem, tried to "save" the pea shake as a bust was in progress.

There is only one way to go from here: up. Get rid of the peas at 34th and Central, 38th and Capital and the other 10 or 12 locations around town. The point is -- it's illegal. End of story.



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