Greenwood Living debuts

Dateline: Sun 11 Feb 2007

Here is an email from Brian D. Smith, a writer about town who is now editor-at-large of a new magazine. Brian also happens to be married to the one-and-only Marcella Fleming, who worked at both the Star and News and is the deputy editor of the new publication:

"The premier issue of Greenwood Living has rolled off the presses," writes Brian. "It won't initially be available on newsstands, but we're working on changing that. (...if you want more specifics about distribution, e-mail the publisher, MaryEllen "Mel" Ullrich at

"You'll certainly recognize some of our freelance writers' names: Scott MacGregor did the cover story; Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp wrote the gardening column; Ellen Miller wrote a column called Family Matters; and Patti Denton did a restaurant write-up. And oh yeah, Marcella handled the section called Great Finds (cool products from the Greenwood area). They won't be the last ex-Star and News folks we use in our magazine.

"We also have writers who once worked at RCI (Alyssa Chase) and Indianapolis CEO (Julie Sturgeon) ... and our art directors include David Reilich and Evan Hale, both of whom did national-award-winning work while at Indianapolis Monthly.

"Greenwood Living will be published six times a year: bimonthly

starting in May-June, although our first issue is February-March and our second one will be April. That's because we want a November-December issue at the end of the year, not a New Year-straddling December 2007-January 2008."

FYI, Brian formerly worked at the Indianapolis Monthly as well as being a published author. Best of luck to Greenwood Living, which sounds like a great inaugural read -- certainly better than that skinny Star that arrived in my mailbox today. Two-page biz section? Two pages for Focus? Where's the beef?

The fact that so many former newspaper people are now writing for mags is part of the answer.



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