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Dateline: Sun 11 Feb 2007

Please take some time today to look at indyrats. I'm impressed with the quality of the writing, the entusiasm of the posters and the quantity as well. Lots of good food for thought from Nick Hedrick, Seneca and Susan Gillie of late. In the past, Tom Henderson, JD Holladay, ghiotion and Celeste Williams have also added weight, wit and wisdom.

I've really enjoyed reading ALL their provocative posts. Special thanks to Nick for covering a wide variety of newsy topics, and to Seneca for being the media watchdog. FYI, editors, writers, etc. -- Nick is a high school student. He's got it on, and someday, he's going to earn money doing this stuff. And we'll be able to say: we knew him when he was a wee indyrats writer.

Also coming this week: In Bed with Bessie, or Ask Bessie. She answers your questions about relationships, sex and whatever else is bugging you. She may even throw in free legal advice. Not.

I am also hoping we will see the design up and running --- like a fast little mouse -- on indyrats this week. GO INDYRATS!!!!



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