Bill Bradford surfaces

Dateline: Tue 06 Feb 2007

William Bradford "disappeared" for a while after he resigned as an associate prof from the IUPUI Law School in December, 2006, in the wake of being exposed as a faux Army hero.

Bradford claimed, among other honors, that he was a Silver Star recipient and a combat war veteran in the Special Forces. That persona bolstered his position that he was a victim of P.C. leftie profs at the law school -- he maintained that a cadre of feminist enemies were out to deny him tenure because of his support for the war on terror and his Apache Indian heritage. He was, he maintained, the "wrong kind of Indian" in a world of Apache Ward Churchill peaceniks.

Such a bunch of bullshit, but many of us at the local and national levels bought into it; after all, the guy wore a Silver Star pin around campus and drove an SUV with a vanity plate promoting his alleged military status. He had defenders in high places, including some prominent faculty members and many students.

I was as taken in as others were, and wrote a column for the Star in June of 2006 defending him -- until attorney and IUPUI law school grad, retired Army Lt. Col. Keith Donnelly, contacted me with his own set of doubts about Bradford. A check of Army records revealed that Bradford was as full of fakery as a claim that the Bears have better stuff than the Colts.

So Bradford, exposed in print by multiple sources, took off. Last time I checked in with him, a year or so ago, he told me he was headed to Las Vegas for a "very exciting" new opportunity.

Donnelly is as much bulldog as he is Army veteran. He emailed me a couple weeks ago with a link to Bradford's new career -- seems the hospitality and gaming industry have called, and Bradford has answered.

Here's the story from the University of Florida's Warrington School of Bizness:

Scroll down to Page 17 or Bradford's grinning face, whichever comes first.

Actually, this is one move that makes sense for Bradford. He should be right at home.



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