Rob Schneider: out the door

Dateline: Tue 18 Dec 2007

Gifted writer and reporter Rob Schneider is leaving the Indianapolis Star, and Gannett, for another job. Here is today's announcement from m.e. Pam Fine:

"Rob Schneider is bidding the Star farewell after 33 years. Rob, who everyone knows as a wonderful writer and human being has decided it's time to walk through some new corridors on the way to his desk. He will be working for the IU School of Social Work penning stories about students, profs and alums for a variety of school-related publications. Rob started at the Star as a police reporter, which was de rigeur for all young reporters, and worked his way through a variety of beats. He's covered a huge number of important stories for the paper including everything from Hurricane Andrew to the death of Julia Carson. Please join me in wishing Rob well. He's finishing out his notice while on vacation,

at his request, but we'll figure out how to fete him so he gets our well

wishes in person...


Rob is known for his cool-as-ice humor as well. I always loved joking with him about the Catholic church or anything else that was in the news or the newsroom. His perspective is unique. Again, another talent whose work will be missed in the daily paper.


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