St. Anne on the case

Dateline: Mon 10 Dec 2007

Jen Wagner of Taking Down Words is in labor. Please keep her and her baby and husband in your thoughts. If you pray, now is the time to do so.

Catholics like to lay this particular issue on St. Anne, the patron saint of women who are giving birth. You're supposed to light a candle to St. Anne and trust in her.

God knows, don't mix your saints up. When I checked Google to make sure I had St. Anne's name spelled correctly, I also learned about Saint Ailred, the patron saint of those suffering from bladder stones. Ouch.

Jen is keeping readers informed of her progress on her blog.

I think all women writers in labor should petition St. Anne for a handy laptop. No doubt it enhances the high.

Best to Jen and the wee one!


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