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Dateline: Mon 10 Dec 2007

It's a good thing I left Gannett when I did, because I could never have kept up with all the new "products" being "launched."

I've finally adjusted, as well as I am going to, to Indy.Paws and its adult women contributors who refer to themselves as "Mom" in relation to a Golden Retriever or a ferret. Now I have to get my head around taking over where INTake left off.

This is tricky, especially for readers of a certain age, but it really is on the website. Sez a source at the Star:

"If you visit the 'Party Crasher' gallery from ' Music Video

Throwdown; event Friday at the Vogue, all is revealed in images 46 and 47."

I did -- it took forever -- and I saw former colleagues celebrating the new print version of at the Vogue, along with a bunch of slap-happy looking kids. So there, NUVO. Put to rest the rumor that everything youth-oriented in Gannetworld is online. INTake will disappear but will take its place.

Only who will write it? I'm hearing from friends at the Star that the young journalists hired to produce INTake quickly burned out. It was both the workload as well as the realization that management didn't really want them to be edgy. Instead they were expected to fall in line as part of the "My Life/Custom Publications" crew, which is one reason there were three departures recently.

At any rate, is the latest version of INTake, which goes bye-bye this week. My mistake: I misunderstood what I was originally told, Now I get it -- the name change is mostly cosmetic. Big deal.

The Indianapolis Business Journal also has the story, with the usual bullshit spin from Dennis Ryerson: all is well, INTake made tons of money, the new name and online version will do even better, blah blah blah.

Of course, you realize this is coming from a man who rarely read INTake. He, too, is of a certain age, and as a journalist, he has lost his way forever.



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