IndyUndercover and Abdul: Too hot

Dateline: Mon 10 Dec 2007

Russ McQuaid at Fox 59 TV aired a story Sunday night confirming that there was indeed a search warrant issued for the IndyUndercover blog Dec. 16.

The TV report kicks off with Abdul Hakim-Shabazz being interviewed. Abdul again claims that he really wasn't IndyUndercover but he knows who was. Yeah, right.

Here's the interesting surprise twist: the warrant was issued not in relationship to a story Abdul was allegedly investigating regarding a prominent wealthy Dem and a child sex-abuse case, as Abdul claimed on his blog Indiana Barrister. Instead, the warrant was issued because IndyUndercover on June 8 ran a piece about the Southside arson fires that contained the name of a confidential police informant. Ooops.

I've had no doubt for some time that IndyUndercover, while it may have contained tips from police officers, was filtered thru Abdul and was representative of his voice and comedy style. Obviously McQuaid

had good reason to go to Abdul as well -- and not simply because Abdul has already acknowledged urging police to set the blog up.

Somewhere in this complicated weave, there's an old adage that comes to mind: if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Abdul is now leaving the kitchen.

But listen to the TV interview yourself -- see what you think. Thanks to Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana, who let me know this spot had aired.

Here's the TV link:


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