The most wonderful time of the year....

Dateline: Sun 09 Dec 2007

Today is Dec. 9, when we get to "open the present" and share the mystery of this day in Star history.

Here's the recently retired Star/News columnist, travel writer, wit and features survivor David Mannweiler to fill us in:

"I rise to remind you we stand on the cusp of a Great Moment in

Indianapolis Journalstic History. It should not be allowed to become swallowed in the mist of history. It should be told around family campfires, fashioned into song lyrics and stitched into samplers to

hang above the hearth.

"I speak, of course, of Dec. 9, 2005, when The Indianapolis Star

published a 2-column, in-color illustration titled 'How To Build A

Snowman.' It told readers how to Form A Snowball, Roll It and Roll It


"My colleagues at The Star were aghast, but I suggested looking at the bright side. No matter what else The Star printed from then on, it

could not be this bad. We had hit bottom. Anything else was an


Mannweiler added that Star features assistant/secretary Terre Dawson, "before she was driven out," played for Mannweiler a politically incorrect telephone call from a reader commenting on the snowman illustration.

"He said obviously most readers of The Star know how to make a snowman. To make the illustration helpful, he said, The Star

should have run the snowmen instructions in Spanish."

Ole! Give that reader a front office at Gannett....


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