Another farewell: INtake bites it

Dateline: Sun 09 Dec 2007

This is strictly INhouse journalism stuff, but it's important. INtake, which was Gannett's effort to rope in the youth demographic ("Am I cool? I'm cool! I'm really really cool!!!") will fold its crease Thursday Dec. 13.

As forecast by readers of this blog, INtake will morph, sort of, into, a totally on-line product.

But here is the bottom line, from an insider: INtake has been "losing money for months now -- yes, not failing to make a profit, losing dough..."

Stop the presses. A Gannett product, failing to make a profit??? But we thought Gannett made enough to buy out the Pulliams and send Myrta Pulliam to Africa to take luxury photos of gorillas! Actually, her gorilla pix are OK; it's that sell-out of journalism that we resent...

Here's the really sad part. INtake staff is young and talented. Three have bailed in the last month or so, to the tune of three farewell parties three Fridays in a row. But neither exec editor Dennis Ryerson nor m.e. Pam Fine bothered to show up to say goodbye. That sorta shows you how the features staff is regarded.

Sources say that it would be nice to think Gannett has a master plan in making this switcheroo from INtake to, but no.

"....they're just reacting to stuff as it happens. The way things work around here now is Kevin Poortinga (wunderkind, on the board of directors) dreams up all these new products, rolling out about one every four months. Babs (Henry, the publisher) will make a big deal about

what a tremendous success it is -- and it will be, because they'll put a

ton of resources behind the new widget when it first rolls out. After a

while, though, Kevin is on to the next new thing and the old product starts to wither."

So it goes in my beloved world of journalism. For this, my father dropped dead at his desk?

Here's my Christmas wish: IBJ and NUVO will wade into this and write a piece that will get wider circulation than this little blog does. What happens at the Star IS news.


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