Joey Dayan rocks!

Dateline: Thu 06 Dec 2007

I was most happy to see Susan Guyett's mention of City Market exec director "little" Joey Dayan in today's Talk of the Town.

Susan gave Dayan a pat on the back for finding a home in the historic market for Berkshire Florist. The Downtown flower shop, located at 7. E. Market St., was facing a rent increase, which was forcing it to close its doors and consolidate all its business at the Rockville Road locale. Dayan to the rescue.

"The lease isn't signed yet, but it sounds like they are about to get the longtime flower shop open at City Market before Christmas," Guyett reports. "Both sides are ready to make this deal work."

Ah, bi-partisanship. Dayan, a Democrat, was appointed to his post by Mayor Bart Peterson when the previous director proved herself unable to run the market. Berkshire Florist is owned by Rep. Robert Behning, a state congressman and a Republican.

Maybe this will quash any worries that Dayan will be out of a job when Mayor-elect Ballard comes to town. Dayan's done a great job getting the landmark market back on its feet. He deserves to keep his post. A bouquet of roses, all around!


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