Douglas Karr -- top of the heap

Dateline: Thu 06 Dec 2007

Another nod to the Star, this time John Ketzenberger's column today on Indianapolis blogger Douglas Karr, whose work was ranked No. 5 by Chicago Midwest Magazine in a seven-state region.

"No other Hoosier blog was among the top 10," wrote Ketzenberger, adding that Karr's blog was cited for quality content.

Karr also gets kudos for helping launch the I Choose Indy website and most recently (I think, it is hard to keep track of all his endevors), a blog about independent coffee shops in the Indy area.

Doug wears yet another hat. He's a former marketing guy for Gannett who has written tellingly of the big company's strategies. Of course, Ketzenberger wouldn't quote this, but it's worth sharing, from Karr's Aug. 12 blog edition, titled "Gannett Needs To Get Its Head Out of Its Butt":

Here's the money quote:

"As a Database Marketer at a Gannett newspaper, I had competition in the local region and in the company. It wasn't outwardly obvious and I had great relationships with corporate - but the fact was that, in order for them to be successful, they had to put me out of business. The more the corporation could prove its worth by developing corporate strategies, the more staff they could eliminate from the local newspaper. Their livelihood, bonuses, and promotions depended on it. So, while I may have had more experience and been a better performer - that kind of information had to be downplayed out in McLean, Virginia.

"Gannett does this throughout all departments, most critically in Editorial. The single largest competitive advantage any newspaper has over the Internet and other media resources is its local talent. These are the people who have created relationships in the community and know where the cracks and concerns are when it comes to our civic leadership. It's also the department that seems to make the most sacrifices. The people I was friends with in Editorial worked their butts off day and night with tons of open positions that were never going to be filled. Many of them are gone now, a great loss for this city."

Anyhow, Karr has shown there is much life after Gannett. Bully for Ketzenberger, as well, for giving the guy the ink.


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