Holding the line

Dateline: Wed 05 Dec 2007

Gannett Blog is reporting that Gannett won't be dividing its resources into two separate companies, as some have speculated.

See link:


Here's a statement from the big Pooh-Bah himself, lifted off the Gannett HQ website and courtesy of Gannett Blog:

"Gannett is focused on achieving our strategic goal of becoming the digital destination for local news and information in all our markets," said Craig A. Dubow, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Gannett Co., Inc. "We have made dramatic changes in our operating structure, newsrooms, mindset and culture in a short time - all designed to implement this focused digital strategy. In all, it's been an exciting and challenging year at Gannett, despite the impact of the economy in our markets."

Yep, we all know how well that Information Center thing is working.

That leaves only one question: what is Dec. 9 in Indy Star history? Think. We all have an anniversary coming up....


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