New blog around town: bitter server

Dateline: Mon 03 Dec 2007

If you've ever worked in what Bill Murray referred to with dripping sarcasm as the food service industry -- or you've ever eaten out -- there's a new Indy-based blog for you:

The idea is for Hoosier waiters, bartenders, and busboys to dish it up --- spread the word about who's a lousy tipper and who is screwing over whom in restaurantworld. The federal minimum wage for tipped workers is a miserable $2.13 an hour, with a 20 percent gratuity recommended, but hardly required and too infrequently given in Indiana.

Anyone who has ever stood on the serving end of a hot cup of chicken velvet soup or a banana daiquiri, as I have during a summer stint at L.S. Ayres Tearoom, can relate. Personal experience gave birth to the bitter server, says the bitter blogmeister himself, Walfredo Freitas. He worked as a bartender and waiter in New York City and at Ruth's Chris and the Mariott in Indianapolis. The experience was so profound that it turned the native of Brazil into a Republican. Democrats, he says, are lousy tippers.

I asked him to present a few observations about the food service industry. Here goes:

"The best client : rich and famous..... Martha Stewart is a sweet pie.

"Middle class is TERRIBLE.

"Wives don't let their husbands tip well.

"There is no straight man after the third drink. Straight bar is the best place for gays to find one-night stand.

"MERCHANDISE IN FOOD BUSINESS IS ...Near the windows, (where) only white, cute people, very well dressed (customers are seated.)... Blacks,

ugly, fat, couple with kids in.. in the back.....

"86 - means....... Done. No more. Sold out.

"85% of Food Poising in food business ---- the servers/food runners put their fingers on the plate.

"Liza Minelli favorite's place in NYC was a Brazilian place on Columbus Avenue. She used to eat Chicken with rice... and Diet Pepsi... She had her own table.....

"After and before 09/11, guests used to stand up and clap for Giulianni.


"If the guests could see the kitchen..... never eat over there.

Marriott and Ruth's Chris have VERY VERY CLEAN kitchen.

"Chef beat servers up.... Servers drinks too much... Servers take drugs....Most of the places.... managers sleep with their employees....

"One of the best customer in Indianapolis is Paul Estridge.....

"There is a famous place in NYC, the secret of the 'unforgettable' dressing is 'pee'. The Chef pees on his dressings..."

Bon apetit.


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