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Dateline: Mon 27 Aug 2007

Cory Schouten, who writes about real estate online for Indianapolis Business Journal, created a stir and a fuss after posting two weeks ago about recent efforts to take a photo of the City-County Building in Indy.

The structure was in the news when tax protesters and others flooded Downtown to speak out during a Council meeting, at which Mayor Peterson was center stage and the object of considerable negative attention. Shouten and a photographer on the scene outside were told by police, "No pictures." Shouten's matter-of-fact account resulted in a lot of debate about the merits and legalities of such rules, as well as some comments that such issues were out of place for the business-minded IBJ.

But hey, feel my pain. While in historic Pasadena, an effort to take a photo of the interior of a beautiful old post office was quickly squelched by a zealous postal employee. I liken it to the dum-dum rules one has to endure with the transportation cops at the airports: a bottle of mustard was declared verboten at John Wayne airport in Santa Ana; a bottle of Channel No. 19 was confiscated once in Chicago. As everyone says, yawn, this is the post 9/11 world in which we live.

More to the point, blame Bush. "You voted for these people, Mom," my son reminded me as I threw a tiny tizzy in Chicago over the loss of the perfume. But we all sleep safer at night, knowing seniors are no longer in possession of deadly perfume, and the IBJ is prevented from taking a photo that terrorists can readily get off the web.

But hey, I still like Pasadena.


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