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Dateline: Fri 17 Aug 2007

I'm off for a week, but Bil Browning and others will keep the pot stirred by speculating on Patrice Abduallah's replacement on the City-County Council. On the Bilerico Project blog, Browning raises questions about the Dems' hidden agenda to put Julia Carson's grandson Andre Carson in the seat. His post is aptly titled, and I paraphrase, will Indy, the 12th largest city, crack the lavender ceiling?

His point is that it's time to pitch a GLBT candidate for the Downtown district. A comment from Ellen M cuts to the chase:

"Good luck getting anyone but a crony of Julia Carson in. The Democrats from Julia down are pushing for an all-black, preferably all-male and undoubtedly all-straight Council whose agenda is minority hiring, minority contracts, preferential treatment from zoning, code enforcement, law enforcement, sweetheart deals between govt and business (aka Carl Drummer), etc. And not just any minority because only one minority counts in Marion County! Just look at the overwhelming percentage of blacks working in the City-County Bldg, at the State Fair, anywhere govt. does the hiring.

"The Marion County Dem machine will not consider a gay person, a Hispanic, an Asian, a white male, and certainly not an American Indian (if you can find one in Indianapolis) unless of course that person swears allegiance to the current system. They already have six women on the Council so they probably wouldn't allow one more, and they certainly wouldn't consider an independent, free-thinking black person either, gay or straight!

"I wish you luck, but diversity is a sham in Marion County so if you find someone to run, it will be without the help of the Democratic party!"

Wow! Just in case you thought July 4 was over, the fireworks are just beginning...


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