"Hateful mother"; how very sad

Dateline: Fri 17 Aug 2007

Classically Liberal, a national blog, has picked up on the Jeanne Atkins/Patrick Atkins/my gay son story, with a vengeance. The heading of the blog is "One of the most hateful mothers I have read." The author is harshly critical of Atkins' Catholic faith and pseudo-Christianity, which caused her to deny her son's partner of many years, following her son's stroke.

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An added tragedy is that all of this schmear and angst was compounded by the Star, which originally did a puff piece about Atkins. The theme was that she is such a great lady and a great Christian, she holds prayer meetings daily for her employees at the Atkins Cheesecake facility in Carmel.

Maybe she does, but the shallowness of reporting led to a public outcry among Star readers and gay activists. After all, Patrick Atkins' mother's refusal to allow Patrick's partner to visit him in the hospital resulted in a court case, much publicized in Indiana legal circles. The Star reporter did not do her homework. She ran the puff piece without Googling or doing research.

As has been noted in the past, a puff piece in a newspaper is guaranteed to bring forth news that the subject has been documented in photographs as clubbing baby-seals. Check the record, kids.

And read the commentary in Classically Liberal.


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