When Bessie's in town...

Dateline: Thu 16 Aug 2007

I brake for children, too. Elizabeth Holladay, the law student daughter in Chicago, graced us with her company beginning last weekend. When she is here, I try to make her the center of what I am doing.

Why? Life is precious and fleeting. Over the years, Elizabeth, 27, has lost a number of friends: Kate Comiskey, Noah Burris and Tim Boldt. Kate was a marvelous human being killed in Bloomington Nov. 9, 2004; Noah and Tim were friends from Brebeuf who died during high school. All lost their lives in car incidents; Katie was killed by an addict/drunk.

I mention this only because her friends remain important to us, and one way to honor their memories is to spend time. We especially remember Kate in the summer; her birthday, for readers who have asked, was July 24.

Thanks to Elizabeth for coming home. The visit was not gloomy whatsoever. But I often think of her friends, and wanted them to be included in public thoughts today.


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