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Dateline: Thu 16 Aug 2007

A recent documentary about the effect of blogs on the newspaper/TV industry pointed out that working reporters are still carrying the water; blogs simply write off what's in the news of the MSM.

Now comes the time to officially put that theory to bed at the local level. Gary Welsh, a font of amazing energy and talent, broke the story of a wayward councilman on Advance Indiana. Today the Star has the Page 1 follow: City-County Councilman Patrice Abduallah has said he plans to resign his seat after being outed for not even living in his district.

Welsh gets the credit for first reporting this story, but the Star's reporter Brendan O'Shaughnessy only says, "Local blogs have simmered recently with accusations tht Abdullah moved out of his district."

Welsh can take a bow. Here's the link to his blog:


Can you hear the noise, Dennis Ryerson?


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