Gannett: dump it

Dateline: Fri 10 Aug 2007

In the lightning-fast media world, speculation was raised that Gannett is for sale, and already CEO Craig Dubow has heroically jumpped in and denied it. Following are some of his comments to Gannett employes:

"So, stand down. Relax. Gannett - along with the media industry - is facing some tough times but we are actively and aggressively moving forward with our strategic plan. We are seeing success and creating more of it everyday.

"Come fall, we will have some interesting new approaches to innovation to tell you about. And there are lots of good things happening throughout the company, even though it may feel like a rough ride at the moment. As you know, I am very proud of you and all you are doing to make this transformation happen. Gannett needs you, and appreciates you.

"Thanks, and please keep in touch.


Yep, thanks for reading. But the real juice is in the comments section of the original posting by a Wall Street Journal blogger:

There are more angles to this story than a geometry class, but the bottom line is: Gannett is in trouble. Having proven over the years that its strategy ruins newspapers, that it is more interested in profit than print, Gannett should get out of the business. Sell widgets, Mr. Dubow, or turkies on your turkey farm. You have proven that greed is no way to prevail. Out, out...


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