The marriage is fine, thank you

Dateline: Tue 07 Aug 2007

Every now and then, a clueless Democrat advises me of the latest juice: the Daniels' marriage is shot. Mitch and Cheri never see each other, let alone speak or share the same home. Of course, the fact that the same rumors oft swirled around Evan and Susan Bayh shows that everyone is out to get everyone.

But here's a report from the frontlines of the Daniels' marriage. Democrats can sleep better at night, knowing that at least the governor and first lady do play golf together.

The couple was spotted T-ing off at Old Oakland a week

ago Sunday. On a par 3, Cheri pulled out her club.

"You're using the wrong club," the governor advised. By this point, he already had two holes-in-one on the course.

Mrs. D got her first hole in one, using her club selection, not her husband's.


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