Body language

Dateline: Tue 07 Aug 2007

Somebody in the Democratic Party needs to coach Mayor Bart Peterson on body language. His facial expressions border on the sour and the pissed-off, at a time when he's supposed to be reassuring and inspiring the taxpayers.

Of course, showing up to the City-County Council meeting last night without a plan for hacking expenses, and then stacking the deck with city employees in the audience, is no way to treat a constituency. Peterson may need more than a life coach; he may need a whole new set of priorities. Ask those people forced out of the City-County building and into the hot summer night, because there was no room for them at the table.

At least the Star is starting to get it. Today's editorial -- written, I suspect, by RiShawn Biddle -- is an eloquent call for eliminating the township system in the state. Bully for the author, who exposed some of the worst of the tax cheats -- that would be the Center Township trustee's office and Carl Drummer and gang.

More of that, and less of Peterson without a plan.


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