Speedway to bloggers: get lost

Dateline: Thu 26 Apr 2007

Following are some comments from fellow blogger Joh Padgett, who found out this week that the Speedway apparently doesn't consider the internet "good enough" for sports coverage.

Heere's Joh:

"You may or may not know that I am a co producer for Dan Niswander --niswanderrocktheater.com (on youtube.)

"It's an ongoing YouTube based show Dan does covering events going on in Indianapolis to show what kind of fun can be had here. He is even taking the show to Europe this summer where he will be visiting London, Paris and Switzerland where he will film his travels. In other words, it's a serious journalistic effort and while entertainment oriented, entertainment journalists are still journalists.

"I just had the most interesting conversation this afternoon with a man named Tim Sullivan who works in the Public Relations office of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It seems that the folks at the IMS press office are refusing to credential online based reporters for the month of May activities at the track. I asked Mr. Sullivan what the procedures were for applying for credentials to shoot background footage and Dan's standup segments for the show inside the track and after being told first of all it was too late to apply for credentials for May, secondly we would have to purchase a $20,000 license to film inside the

track to secure local broadcast rights and that we would "probably be denied because your show is a local production and is only on the Internet."

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