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Dateline: Wed 25 Apr 2007

S.L. "Skip" Berry and Kimiko Martinez are the latest to leave the Star.

Skip, the longtime visual arts reporter, built his beat up from the ground and totally owned it. The former Newsie and magazine writer wrote pieces that were well researched, well written and in harmony with the city's vibrant arts scene, as well as ahead of the game. Big loss for Ryerson and Co., but Skip had been planning his exit for a long time. Let's just say Kurt Vonnegut helped open the door. So it went.

Kimiko is also a huge loss for the Gannetteers. She's funny and witty, hard-working and good natured -- and she handled herself with aplomb when this blog was having fun knocking the sexy, come-hither Kelly Kendall mugs the Star was fond of using. Kimiko has a great sense of style that will serve her well in her new job with the Indiana Historical Society.

Which remnds me, I need to renew my membership.

Best to both of them. And look for more bodies to pile up....175 since Gannett came in and still counting.


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