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Dateline: Sun 17 Sep 2006

mike for mayor

The cat is out of the bag. The campaign of Mike Kreuscher for mayor of Indianapolis in 2007 is up and running.

Read all about it: www.mikekreuscher.com.

Cast your vote now! See link:


Last week, I gratefully accepted the job of Mike's campaign manager -- I was thinking nobody would ever ask! The catidate and I sat down this weekend for a little "get-to-know-you" Q&A.

Speaking on behalf of Mike is Walfredo "Freddy" deFreitas, his longtime human companion and a longtime dear, dear friend of mine.

Here's a sneak peek at Mike and his exciting bid:

RH: Please tell us a little about Mike. It is obvious from his website that he is deeply committed to animals as a political issue, which is great. I mean, he has principled positions: He is opposed to Kentucky Fried Chicken, the pet-food industry IAMS for its documented cruel practices in animal testing and he just hates women who wear fur.

But how about his personal life? How old is Mike?

WF: Mike is 4 years old.

RH: How long has Mike resided in Indy, in Center Township, just east of Downtown?

WF: Mike was born in Indianapolis.

RH: Where did Mike, um, "come from"?

WF: Humane Society of Indianapolis.

RH: Could you share any impressions Mike has of our fair city? Does he get out, go clubbing? Or is he mostly an indoor cat?

WF: Mike loves outdoors. He is an indoor cat but he loves to sit in front the windows.

RH: If Mike is to become a consensus builder -- what Indy needs -- can you give us some evidence that, as an independent, he can work both sides of the street?

WF: Mike has many plans for Indianapolis. Gambling. Keystone Avenue will be our gambling street.

Mike wants to celebrate same-sex marriage at City Hall. If your company wants to do business with the city, your company has to have same-sex benefits.

(Mike wants) subway stations : Greenwood. Southport. Downtown. 10, 16, 38, Broad Riple, 82, 96, Carmel, Fishers, Noblevsille, Lebanon, West Lafayette.

Alcohol (consumption): 16 years old.

Students are going to pay half ticket in movies, shows, concerts etc.

Mike is going to raise cop and teacher salaries.

RH: My, that's all very progressive. But how are his relations with dogs, say?

WF: Mike has 3 dogs (living with him at his home). Queen, Sophian and D. K. Mike often sleeps on Queen's belly.

RH: We all known "Bill the Cat" of the Opus cartoon ran for office and his campaign went south when we was seen clubbing baby seals. What does Mike think of Bill the Cat?

WF: Mike loves Bill the Cat. He is Mike inspiration. He also loves Bella Abzug and Harvey Milk. (According to Mike) Harvey represented when Democrats were the right track)

RH: We understand Mike's campaign has been picked up by the NYC media -- does Mike think the NY media is more sophisticated or fair than local Indy media? What kind of response has Mike been getting here?

WF: Mike is fanatic for the New Yorker mayor, Michael Bloomberg. He wants to see Michael Bloomberg as president of The United States. Bloomberg is a Republican and he is more liberal than any Democrat in Indiana. Of course, Mike knows he going to be in The New York Times before than any local media. Mike says about Mitch Daniels bid for president: Mitch was news in Washington (D.C.) a few months ago but Indy media did not say any word. Bush said Mitch could replace him in 2008. Indy media is controlled by City Hall.

RH: We understand Mike is a cat with a disability. Can you tell us what impact that will have on his campaign?

WF: Mike has a normal life. He was born with one of his paw deformed but he runs. Mike is an inspiration for all beings with disability. He is a charming cat. He loves water. He loves to take shower. He does not drink city water. He only drinks Ice Mountain water. Mike just had a check-up. He passed with "A". He believes all politicians have to proof great health to run.

RH: Since Mike has taken a pronounced anti-fur, anti-IAMs, anti KFC stance -- one must ask -- does Mike eat meat? Please explain....

WF: Mike is a member of PETA and he only eats food from companies that don't test on animals. Mike thinks the best woman in Indianapolis is Lori Efroymson Aguilera. According to Mike, she is cute, rich, vegetarian and she does not wear any fur-clothes.

RH: If Mike is elected, he will be the first "black" mayor of Indianapolis. Yet he has a white patch on his throat. Care to comment?

WF: Mike thinks all beings are equal.

RH:: Since Mike is on record as being AGAINST FUR and FOR animal rights, what is his position on small furry rodents?

WF: Some of his best friends are small furry rodents. All beings have the right to life. Mike has a sister hamster. Her name is Paty.

RH: Oh, I love that name. So, what does Mike do to relax?

WF: Mike watches Martha Stewart, Bill Mauer, Jon Stewart and Comedy Central. He is a president of the Cats for Mitch (governor Mitchell Daniels). He loves to take a nap on the newspapers.

Read more about Mike the Cat at www.mikekreuscher.com

Look for endorsements on this website soon.

This is a free political announcement. None of Mike's friends paid me or my kids or my husband to do any of this.

Thank you, Ratikarn Sudmee, my Buddhist daughter-in-law, for getting the photo of Mike up and running and for artistic assistance on design. See her website: http://www.ratikarn.com/

God bless America!

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