Not all is Grimm...some good news

Dateline: Mon 11 Sep 2006

I like the I Choose Indy site because it's positive and we all need positive.

In that vein, after posting about Indiana's state of decline, etc., I found an Aug. 6 story from the Washington Times about actor/singer/songwriter Tim Grimm, who moved back to Southern Indiana after making it in Los Angeles, etc. He came home to his roots, he said, because he wants his kids exposed to traditional values.

Grimm lives on 80-acre farm near Columbus, close to where he grew up. He writes and performs folk music. He acts. His father was a teacher. His grandfather was a school superintendent who once hired Pete Seeger to perform, even tho Seeger was blacklisted.

Grimm is well-known, having been named the "best discovery" performer in roots/Americana music in 2000 by the Chicago Sun-Times and winning recognition as a favorite in Indianapolis Monthly magazine a few years back.

Anyhow, read about him...

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