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Dateline: Sun 03 Sep 2006

headshotReaders have pointed out that the Star has a penchant for running provocative photos of staff members who happen to be young blonde women.

Case in most recent point is Kelly Kendall, who has appeared the Star in the past in what appeared to be pajamas. This was for a page one story about the Conrad Hotel. Kelly was shown, apparently in her room at the Conrad, writing away in an ensemble not quite suitable for the street.

Most recently the Star has featured a photo of Kelly with what readers call a "come-hither" look during her coverage of the Fringe Festival.

See link:

What is significant is that Kelly, unlike any other columnist, is shown in a full frontal shot down to her waist, head tilted to the side. Other attractive young female staffers in the past have had similar treatment -- former young-and-blonde staff writer Raygan Swan, fr'instance.

Nothing wrong with that, as long as what is good for the gander is good for the goose. Hence readers are clamoring for a "WE WANT WHITNEY" campaign, calling for the Star's classical music critic Whit Smith to get the same full-shot treatment.

Until that happens, we suggest the accompanying image of Star executive editor Dennis Ryerson. He writes once a week for Focus. Let's sex that page up, too, guys.

Equality, liberty. Happy Labor Day!

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