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Dateline: Mon 09 Oct 2006

From a colleague:

"just what IS a life worth? forget the humanitarian aspects -- look at

it as a business decision: if a defibrillator saves the life of

someone a company has spent a lot of money recruiting and moving to

town and training, isn't it worth it? if a debrillator prevents brain

damage that leaves an employee a "vegetable" or in need of major

rehabilitation, thereby pumping up insurance rates, isn't it worth

it? if a defibrillator saves a company from being sued because

confusion and lack of trained personnel cost a life, isn't it worth


it's not like mpozi was the first person ever to collapse at work at

the star, not even the first this year, or the only person there with

a heart condition -- known or unknown.

if dennis ryerson or barbara henry or the fat puppet had collapsed at

work and died of a similar cause, would there be defibs there by now?

bet your ass!"


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