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Dateline: Tue 03 Oct 2006

OK, time for Kathy Russell to weigh in again. While I was there during the Quayle era, I was a part-time peon working 2-3 nights. having a great time on the copy desk, enjoying Dave Powell's company and editing stories dear to Frank Widner's heart: the pope, British royalty and the price of gasoline in Indy.

Kathy was close to the seat of power. Here's what she says:

"First of all, the naysayers are confusing ECP with ESP. There was a HUGE difference between God and the baby Jesus. I worked for Jesus.

"We (ESP and I) were actually stunned when Dan Quayle was chosen for the vp slot (note from Ruth: He was vp from 1989 to 1993).

"In fact I think my comment at the time was, "Oh shit!" ESP AKA Jesus,demanded balanced reporting on the Quayle issue. As a result of that I know beyond a doubt that he got read the riot act from members of the Quayle family.

"So, he didn't push his "birdbrain nephew" anywhere. Danny went down all on his own ... and with the help of potatoes. My personal opinion of Dan Quayle: He was intelligent and extremely well read. Unfortunately for Dan, he served in the National Guard with a couple of guys who later became reporters at The Star. Those reporters informed the world about the foibles of Danny boy. And ESP let the stories go into print. He could have killed them. He didn't. Besides, the stories were both fair and accurate. And Dan Quayle misspoke a lot, long before it became fashionable by our current president.

"ESP wrote editorials about Sen. Bayh? Really now. The Editors wrote e

editorials. ESP gave his generals a lot of latitude ... he didn't push off

his views on those he appointed to their jobs, (i.e. editor, managing

editor, etc.)

"Yep ... women were paid less. No doubt in my mind about that. Women had to work harder than the men too. Guess who started all that? Bob Early. ECP AKA God went along with it. Jesus AKA ESP didn't change it when he had the chance.

"The Klan? The John Birchers? Wrong decade blog responders ... it was ECP who let them run about unchecked. He, ECP, loved buying ink by the barrel and letting absolutely everyone know that it was unwise to argue with anyone bought ink by the barrel."

Kathy says this is fun. Are we having fun yet?



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