Gannett eliminating jobs

Dateline: Sun 01 Oct 2006

Shocking development???? Noooo....

Fort Wayne Observed has a great post about a decision by Gannett to no longer print its Marion Chronicle-Tribune in Grant County. The result is the elimination of 41 jobs in struggling Grant County, including 18 full-time positions.

The Marion paper will roll off the Gannett presses in Marion County. Both the Indianapolis Star and the Muncie Star-Press are already printed there.

The blog's take: Newspaper editorial writers have almost a standard litany of pleading for economic development at the local level.

As the blog notes,

"The editorial writers urge more public spending on infrastructure, incentives for new businesses, and downtown revitalization.

"Well, what happens when it is a newspaper itself yanking jobs out a community?

"The result is that the credibility of that newspaper is shot."

Check out the link:

Coming soon: a few reflections from Kathy Russell, who for years was the secretary to the late Gene Pulliam, publisher of the Star until Gannett bought the paper in 2000.



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