Oops-a-daisy, is our agenda showing?

Dateline: Thu 30 Nov 2006

I haven't seen it yet myself, but a Carmel friend reports that Gannett's Carmel magazine, December issue, features a lesbian couple on the cover. One of the partners has blonde hair a half-inch short and is wearing what looks like a man's belt. The other is, well, more femme.

Fine and good -- let a million flowers bloom -- but only with Dennis Ryerson, Babs Henry, Pam Fine and Kevin Poortinga at the Star's helm could this fly: such an obviously gay agenda in, ye Gods, Carmel. In case the Big 4 don't know it, Hamilton County is a bastion of Republican conservatism and not exactly the place to throw a Gay Pride Parade.

Oh, well. The rumor is Gannett's rag-mag isn't making a cent anyhow. The company practically gives its ads away. Now, even freebies will probably get the cold shoulder. Carmel, after all, is not about being alternative. Yes, your slip IS showing. Sooooo obvious, dahlinks.

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