God bless the readers, the cops and NUVO

Dateline: Thu 30 Nov 2006

The nice thing about blogs -- readers keep them accurate. Hence a reader let me know that new FOP prez Aaron Sullivan is not the IPD officer who busted Sheriff Jack Cottey. It was David Roth, God bless him.

When I left the Star, a wonderful librarian there -- Cathy Knapp, who runs what we used to call the morgue -- said to call anytime if I needed help on any research, etc. Then Star shooter Mpozi Tolbert died after collapsing in the newsroom (3 days after my last day), people inside started leaking info about what a clusterf--- it was that night and I wrote about it. After that, I figured it was best not to bother the library.

Anyhow alert reader Indyfive0 blew the whistle on my mistake. And because what happened with former Sheriff Jack Cottey and Roth was so memorable, here is the account from Steve Hammer at NUVO from the January 2003 issue:

"...one person who"ll be feeling the cold air will be former Marion County Sheriff Jack Cottey. He left office Jan. 1 after a brutal final month on the job. Already facing the prospect of losing the cool cars with the sirens and radios, and the spiffy uniform, Cottey found out a few weeks early that he"d already lost his privilege to park anywhere he wanted.

"When patrolman David Roth had Cottey"s car towed from a no-parking zone, the sheriff called 911 in a pissed-off mood. "You tell that David Roth to hang onto his ass ... until I leave office," Cottey told the scared 911 operator. "Yes sir," he said.

"Hang onto your ass. That"s good advice at any time, but it's especially wise when you"re an ex-sheriff with the entire Indianapolis Police Department mad at you. Cottey apologized to everyone involved, but he's going to look both ways before he parks in a tow zone again."

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