Whole Foods, yes!

Dateline: Wed 29 Nov 2006

After months if not years of will they/won't they, Whole Foods is coming to Indy -- in the heretofore disputed 86th and Keystone Avenue location.

This news was reported by both Channel 13 and Channel 8 (and probably 6) tonight. Nothing on the Star website as of this writing.

Developer Paul Kite had expressed confidence in the past to me in his ability to negotiate the deal. Apparently he and the Austin-based organic foods company trimuphed. Neighbors may not be happy, however, based on previous reports...parking, access, and the effect on the residial area were major bones of contention. But apparently a judge ruled in favor of Whole Foods, altho the neighborhood put up a hell of a fight.

Overall, the news is good for Indy. What kind of 12th largest city are we without a Whole Foods?

Also opening up a second Indy store -- Nordstrom will locate at Keystone at the Crossing, where Parisian is now.

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