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Dateline: Wed 29 Nov 2006

Congratulations to Indy's new Fraternal Order of Police prez Aaron Sullivan. And best of luck to Vince Huber, who served honorably and under a lot of stress from hizzonner for 4 years.

Sullivan is a good guy: politically savvy, smart (Notre Dame University grad) and tough -- some of you may recall he's the IPD cop who had the guts to bust former Sheriff Jack Cottey when Cottey was illegally parked on the Circle. The result was a lot of cussing, name-calling and high-handedness from Cottey, but Sullivan stood his ground.

As for Huber, it's well-known that the mayor's office has thrown about every roadblock it could at IPD's efforts to get decent pay. Some of the problem has historical roots: for years, IPD was undersold by its own attorneys during negotiations for pay hikes. The deal was the cops always took second fiddle to the Indianapolis Firefighters, and in Indy, none of those public servants was particularly well compensated.

But it's a new day in more ways than one and maybe Sullivan can crack open the door to better salaries, etc.

One thing I can tell you about him: when a young IPD officer was shot in the eye and the mayor was among those who visited to pay his respects, the rumor was that the wounded cop told the mayor to "F--- off." I called Sullivan, who was at the hospital from the get-go. He set the record straight right away: it was a bullshit story. You can count on the guy to tell the truth.

And plus, he returns phone calls.



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