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Dateline: Tue 28 Nov 2006

Got this anonymous (to you) email. This reader has a great bead on reality re: life at the Star. Thanks to him/her for the following commentary:

"how to ru(i)n a great newspaper:

"replace wedding and anniversary news briefs with ads written by the


"replace staff-written obituaries with ads written by the public.

"print more and more letters and comments from readers, even if they

don't have a clue what they're talking about. it's WAY cheaper than

running pulitzer-winning columnists well versed in world affairs.

"fill news space with event listings submitted by the public.

"let the public submit "editorial" cartoons.

"let the public submit "reviews" of cultural events (this hasn't

happened yet, but dennis the menace has suggested it in print).

"what's next -- will the colts and pacers cover themselves? umm,

probably not. after all, unlike all that other stuff, sports is IMPORTANT."



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