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Dateline: Tue 28 Nov 2006

My apologies to all for the long spell of no postings. But the readers keep this blog both lively and real. Thank you all.

Coming up: commentary on the IBJ's story on the Star's lack of arts coverage, published this past Saturday; a review of Larry "Bo" Connor's "Star in the Hoosier Sky: The Indianapolis Star in the years the City Came Alive"; and thoughts about the late great and always prolific Tom Keating, who set the standard for Star columnists.

Suggestions for holiday gifts: Bo's book is $26.95 and a must read for anyone who ever worked at the Star or is interested in Indiana journalism, past, present and future. Good friend Nick Crews loaned me his copy; I will be buying my own. Nick found it at Border's. For more info on outlets, this number for the publisher is listed on the jacket cover: 1-317-867-5183. The publisher is based in Carmel (Hawthorne Publishing).

More to come...


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