"Rocks for sale"

Dateline: Wed 15 Nov 2006

The economy in Putnam County is so sucky that....residents are selling rocks out of their yards.

You think this is a joke? "Rocks for sale" is the hand-written sign on Manhattan Road near Limedale in the west-central part of the state.

OK, by anybody's standards, these are pretty damn nice rocks: big giants that look like they rolled here right out of the Stone Age. They're such fine rocks that they prompt fond memories of Mel Brooks and his 2,000-year-old man bit: "Whaddaya mean, what did we have back then? Rocks. We had rocks!"

So we got rocks, too.

I checked with the guy selling the rocks. He got them during construction of a recreation area in Avon in adjoining Hendricks County. He is selling them starting at $400 for the giants (4 feet wide? 3 feet tall? How do you measure rocks???)

His prices then drop like a stone to $250 for medium rocks and go as low as $100 for smaller rocks.

So far, he hasn't sold any.

Attention, rich and comfortably-middle-class Indianapolis residents who already have decided to oppose Gov. Daniels' outer loop, which might actually bring some jobs to east-central Indiana -- if you want rocks for your landscaping projects or your gated community portals, whatever, shoot me an email. I saved the guy's number.

He'll deliver. Free.



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