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Dateline: Tue 14 Nov 2006

The Indianapolis Monthly magazine, under the leadership of relatively new editor/Chicago-boy David Zivan, has returned to a tradition of heavy, serious, deep writing, while continuing its longtime emphasis on strong personality with bite. Hence readers recently have been treated to stories on the interior musings of Indy Downtown street singer Tom Lael, the raging meth epidemic in rural Indiana and life on the road for a very feminine Fountain Square truck driver, along with the usual pithy features and mind candy.

The current edition, featuring a huge centerpiece on Hispanics as the new Hoosiers, includes a Circle City/Essential Indiana page devoted to local blogs. This blog is proud to be among six featured, especially considering the very fine company -- Jennifer Wagner's Taking Down Words and Gary Welsh's Advance Indiana, two of my personal favorites and must-reads even in Thailand.

Others featured in the November issue: Hoosier Beer Geek, Indiana Politico, and Torpor Indy

As a relative newcomer to blogging, I can only repeat what I have heard others far more knowledgeable say as recently as this week: the new world will revolve around niche publications. For every Gannett, let a million blogs roll. Keep the words coming.




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