Rich Cohen in Indy at JCC

Dateline: Mon 13 Nov 2006

He's the author of "Sweet and Low," the (true) story of his Brooklyn family's successful sugar empire. They peaked with the invention of the artificial sweetener that revolutionized the American diet and remain an international economic tour d' force. (Sweet and Low was on the table in Thailand).

Sounds a little dry? Not when you dig thru the book, which is above all an intimate look at they family's dynamics and its amazing dysfunction, especially the viciousness of his grandmother Bessie towards Cohen's own mother.

Cohen is a writer's writer: he hones his craft without fear, with humor and extreme good wit. He's a big plug for librarians, as he used the New York public libraries to get much of the data on his family and its history when certain relatives refused to speak.

And he's at the Jewish Community Center at 6701 Hoover Road at 7:30 p.m. tonight.

Thanks to Nelson Price for this tip. He's another writer among writers.

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