Rumsfeld -- the party's over

Dateline: Wed 08 Nov 2006

Like all narcissistic power-trippers, Donald Rumsfeld has a darling side. (They ALL do, so spare me the political bombast. Yes, Julia Carson has a positively adorable side).

After Dubya was elected the first round, according to an anecdote in Vanity Fair some years ago, Rumsfeld and his wife almost literally danced all night at the inaugural ball. They had been to Washington, D.C., to live and work before, of course, but this was the first time Rummy was riding the coattails of a prez. So after the party of all parties, they came back to their swank hotel room, dizzy with glee and fine champagne. Rummy's wife collapsed on the bed. "Oh, that was so much fun!" she said. "Can we go home now?" Of course, the punchline was that no, dear, I have a defense department to run, ho ho.

Now, it's time to go home. Thankyouverymuch.

(Really, as super-conservative David Horowitz told Greg Garrison on WIBC this morning, "President Bush did not do a good job communicating with the American people about why this war was important..."

(Americans, said Horowitz, will not tolerate imperialism; we do not want to be seen as an imperial nation imposing our will on another country, espcially when blood is being spilled. Rumsfield had the vision, the neocon thing, but he was like a kid looking dreamily, crazily, in a candy store. He couldn't see the ants and the decayed teeth and all the rot...)

(But then neither could I).

Being a superpower means never having to say "I'm sorry" but it does mean a tacit acknowledgment that you made a botch of things. Which is what Bush did today by canning Rummy.

Long live the process.

(Apologies to the Marines and others in the military who hold the view that all war is messy, and this one is no messier than any other. That message just fresh ran out of fire power.)



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