Plea to Catholic voters: dump Carson

Dateline: Mon 06 Nov 2006

Amid the flood of email is an interesting pitch forwarded to me from Bob Croddy, an Eastside Indianapolis Catholic who is going to the mat to defeat Rep. Julia Carson.

Noting that Catholics may very well be the swing voters in the 7th District, and that they traditionally vote Democrat, he mailed his plea to Catholic priests and he is urging church members to turn out in force Tuesday to take Carson out. His reasons? Her stance on partial-birth abortion, which she has consistently supported, as well as her other anti-life campaigns. (She supports public funding for abortion, she is pro-euthansia, she is for stem-cell research, etc.)

Croddy makes a point of saying that he grew up in a Catholic Democrat activist family -- mom worked for Jimmy Carter and Grandma for both John and Bobby Kennedy's campaigns. "To this day I have a John F. Kennedy picture hanging on my wall," he says.

His point? "I am convinced if my fellow Catholics understood exactly where Julia Carson stands on the issues, they would not vote for her."

Apparently he distributed his letter with the help of friends at Catholic parishes in the 7th District over the weekend. Croddy likes Eric Dickerson, he says, because the Republican opposes abortion and the death penalty and understands poverty.

"...remember we need to focus our energy on Catholics inside I-465 and all of Warren Township," he says. "Please do what you can. Catholics traditionally vote Democrat and that tradition re-elects Julia Carson.

"20,000 to 30,000 Catholics will vote for Julia Carson inside Marion County's 7th Congressional District. I hope not this year! We will only need a very small fraction of those numbers to switch to succeed in the next few days. Enough is enough!"

A close race? You better believe it, hanging on 1,000 to 2,000 votes. Anyone who disputes the power block capable of voting on the single issue of abortion, and the inherent gut-level appeal to Christians and Catholics on this issue, doesn't get the last few election cycles.

Carson's skirt is showing -- her campaign has been a Christless mess -- and this time, she may not be able to pull it up in time.



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