"That noise" and newsroom safety in Gville

Dateline: Mon 31 Jul 2006

The Star's executive editor Dennis Ryerson gave us all out here in Tubeland (aka the Interweb, or "that thingie" called the Internet) a cyberspace chuckle when he referred to my little blog as "that noise."

Meanwhile, I found an article written by The Star in July 2005 that made reference to 78 percent of workplaces now having defibs on hand etc etc etc.

Staff writer Dana Knight even named names of progressive local companies that have decent safety policies in place. Plus the cost of the equipment.

This might be funny in retrospect but Mpozi is dead, and I will continue to provide details of what happened that night (or did not happen.)

So "thanks for reading."

And meanwhile, check out this noise....



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