IOSHA investigation, thank you E&P

Dateline: Thu 27 Jul 2006

This was reported in Editor & Publisher online Wednesday:

By Joe Strupp

Published: July 26, 2006 11:25 AM ET

NEW YORK Indiana state officials are investigating whether The Indianapolis Star violated state workplace safety requirements, following the death of a Star photographer who collapsed in the newsroom earlier this month.

"We became aware that there was a death at the work site and we are investigating to determine whether or not there were OSHA violations associated with the death," said Tim Grogg, a special assistant commissioner with the Indiana Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration office. He said the agency became aware of the death within the last two weeks, but did not know if the employer had reported it as required by state law.

"Anytime we become aware of it, whether it is reported by the employer or another way, it is our statutory duty to do an investigation," Grogg added. "I don't know how many people [at the Star] they have had an opportunity to interview, but they have been to the site within the last two weeks."

Note from Ruth: I am told the Indiana Labor Department's OSHA launched the investigation after reading about Mpozi's death in the newspaper and raising its own questions. I also talked to Grogg yesterday. He said the investigator is still looking into the matter.

fyi, the IOSHA web site has plenty of information about a safe workplace. It offers its services to companies for free to make sure employees know what to do in an emergency.

Also, the Marion County Coroner is still investigating. The report listed Mpozi's time of death at 6:56 p.m. at Wishard. No cause of death determined yet.

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